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Jose Torres
Content Creation

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Jose Torres is a filmmaker and founder of Dimelo Media, a story-driven media company that captures the pulse of brands, culture and people with passion and precision. 

Born and raised in the central mountains of Puerto Rico, and later in the vibrant Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, Torres draws inspiration from his diverse roots to craft visual stories for brands in ways they never imagined. From restaurants and contractors — to national nonprofits, Dimelo’s work transcends spaces and subjects to cater to a wide spectrum of clients that include The H-Foundation, CGLA, The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), Dapper Brews, and Oak and Bean.
With over 12 years behind the lens, Jose’s work continues to move the needle on brand storytelling — especially for minority-owned businesses that want to scale to the middle market space. As the EL Council's creative partner for content, Torres is committed to helping our business partners grow their brands and expand their impact.


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